Helping seniors to build and master WordPress websites.

FAQs based guide
Simple easy to follow steps
With screenshots for every step


Most people, regardless of age, have one or more goals in mind when they decide to build or design their own website.
There are those who simply love the challenge, and enjoy learning something new.

Conversely, there could be economic reasons why someone might want to consider having their own website.
For example:
• Running a business that needs an online presence
• Extra-income to add to their main income

Let’s face it; we are always going to have digital technology. It’s here to stay.
We use it to evaluate and research, to make life easier and by doing so; we recognize its value and worth.
So therefore seniors who may like to design and build a website not only do it just for something to do.
But because…
• They want to “stay young and smart”
• They have something to say.
• They have a desire to find new challenges.

Others may want to start a blog or eCommerce site, but can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars to have it done.
So I went to work!
I created a guide which follows the most common and frequently asked questions on building a website.
I did that purposely so that those who are new to WordPress have an opportunity to create something remarkable.
Here are a simple set of guidelines that are easy to understand and follow.
It is a guide that incorporates clear images and will help just about anyone who is unfamiliar with computer script or language, to create a basic website.


Mastering WordPress and Helping Seniors Build Websites
1. I don’t know where to start?
2. What is a Domain Registrar?
3. How can I make my domain live?
4. How to install WordPress with ease?
5. How can I manage my website?
6. What is a theme? What is a plug-in? How can I install, customize and manage them?

Author Profile

Hi! My name is Arianne; I have been a webmaster for 7 years now. I work with website development and management, especially using and designing with WordPress for my company W Breakwell Solutions.

I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the AMA Computer University and I am a Computer Programming Instructor.

I create websites from the very beginning to end. I select the right hosting company for installing WordPress. I design and create logos, design platforms and graphics; as well as installing and implementing website themes. I develop the layout; adding contents for pages, posts and media. I manage the entire site.

Here are some examples of the work we do.