20 Reasons To Have and Build Your Own Website Now.


own website


  1. Improve your Credibility as an Internet Marketer, as a Team leader, as a home based business entrepreneur, whatever your niche is.


  1. Send email using your chosen domain name.


  1. Make your training info/tips easily available to your affiliates by writing it on a webpage.


  1. Setup a Blog on your site. Posting to your Blog on a regular basis will improve your site’s exposure on the Search Engines. I have just been learning about how to use a Blog to get traffic to your site from the Social Bookmarking sites.


It is in some ways similar to posting ads to Free Classified sites. I will tell you more on this later.


  1. Similarly auto-install a Forum where your Team’s affiliates could help one another and you could help them all. You could make a private forum for your SFI Team Members only.


  1. Adding your own content on a regular and continued basis will likely get you noticed by the Search Engines.

You could allow your affiliates to submit Articles which you could host for them to get them a link back to their site or to their Gateway pages.


  1. Initially you could setup a page to FRAME your favourite Gateway (or for several Gateways).


  1. Make eBooks, software, Special Reports downloadable in your Team member’s Only section.


  1. Host a site for one of your affiliates as a folder of your main website. For instance mysfiwebsite.com/XXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX could be their affiliate number or their name or company name.


  1. Remember that the site can do much more for you than just contain a link to your SFI Gateway.



  1. Setup an RSS feed so you can deliver your Sales messages or Training messages without needing their email address. If you need to become familiar with RSS, first get an RSS reader and find a site with an RSS feed to subscribe to.

My favourite reader is free at: http://rssreader.com (That site also has an RSS Feed Publisher for free.)


  1. Setup a Form on a page to collect visitors name and email address. Set the form to post the information to your Auto responder or at least a database on your site.


  1. Setup a page for exchanging relevant links to other websites to improve in bound links.


  1. Allows you to join Traffic Swarm or other traffic exchanges to get some free traffic. Copy/pasting code to some of your pages (following instructions).


  1. Install (follow instructions) an Auto responder on your web server so you can use it to automate your email follow-up tasks.


  1. By copy/pasting some code, you can setup a webpage to redirect to another page. This allows you to hide your affiliate number from your link.


  1. You can also use the redirection code above to shorten a long affiliate URL. http://moreinfo247.com/xxxxxxx/free could become http://mydomain.com/yourbusiness/


  1. Setup a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to post those questions that you are often asked and your person answers to each question.


  1. Put Audio or Video on a webpage. Saves you typing and saves the Visitor Reading.


  1. Sell the Skills that you learn to write sites for others.


Automatic Wealth: The Internet Makes It Possible


Attaining wealth and prosperity is a dream most everyone has, but few ever achieve it. Why?

The average person is stuck in a rut with a job they dislike and overwhelming debt.

This cycle is hard to break, but many people are breaking out and achieving their financial goals through the Internet. The Internet has made it possible for millions of people to create automatic wealth, and there’s still room for you! Here’s how you can discover your Internet wealth dreams.


Create Wealth, Not Just an Income


With the Internet, the opportunity is there for you to create automatic wealth, not merely an income. You can build one automatic business or several until they reach prosperity – right from your own home computer. The Internet creates the ultimate wealth package because it’s so vast in the number of people that use it, but yet, so personal in that one little niche market can earn you a fortune.


You can choose from thousands of business ideas and pick one small market to target for your business. A small market online, however, can mean big dollars for you because it might contain thousands or millions of prospects around the world.

The Internet connects you to the outside world and doesn’t limit you to those who drive or walk past your local store location.


Automated Business


Another reason it’s more feasible to achieve automatic wealth online is because you can have an automated business. Automated means it can run on auto-pilot once you design your website and set things in motion.

You can receive automated payments through online forms. You can automate an e-zine (email newsletter) to your customers. You can automate electronic products by email such as e-books or training materials.

There are a number of ways to create automated wealth with an Internet business.


No Longer Wait for Pay checks


Another advantage of an Internet business is you can receive daily payments through your website. Many online business owners accept credit cards or use a third party payment processor such as PayPal to accept payments from their customers.

Through these venues, money goes directly into your account. This gives you a steady cash flow for your business so you can have capital for your income, business promotion, and inventory.


Tips to Build Automatic Wealth


*Use your free time at home to surf the Internet and find business opportunities that interest you.


*Join with one or a few others who are already successful so you can learn the basics of online business. Even if you need to make a small investment, it could be well worth the training you’ll receive.


*Decide on a business that’s right for you and schedule daily times to work on your business – promoting, analysing, and building.


*Keep building until you’ve acquired enough automatic wealth to quit your day job!


Whatever Internet business you choose, remember that it takes patience and consistency to build an online business, just as it would any other type of business.

The main differences are that you can work from your home as you’re building the business, you can set your own work schedule, and you can earn a lot just by reaching a small niche market for almost any popular product.

Start today with your new online business, and you too can soon realize your dreams!