Here are the top questions that I trust will guide you through the development and creation of a brand new WordPress website. These questions were sourced from forums and survey’s done on the subject of website creation.


1. I don’t know where to start?

Let’s see if you have already something in mind. What type of website you are going to create? Or would like to create! For example, you may want to build a website to share your thoughts, ideas and experience. Or build a website on your favorite hobby such as golf for example.

It is a great place to start. And we can use this as an example to follow.

Firstly you have to choose a name that reflects your ideas. The name is then given to a domain name that will begin the development of your website.

So what is a domain name is and how do I get one?

Here are some examples for the hobby of golf:

A domain is a web address. It is the address of your website. Your domain name should be popular to those people who are interested in this field.

What kind of domain name should I choose?

To begin with:

  • If you’re making a website for your business, your domain name should match your company name.

For example:

  • If you’re planning to set up a website for yourself, then can be a great option.

Here are some tips for choosing your domain name:

There are a few things that can help you choose your domain name:

#1 is it brandable?

For example, if you make a site about scrapbooking then is not a good choice: or is much better. So no hyphens in the domain if you can help it!

#2 is it memorable?

Short, clear, precise domain names are much easier to remember. If your domain name is too long or spelled in a strange way, visitors may forget it or may not take it seriously.

#3 is it appealing?

You want a domain name that describes what you (or your business) do and it’s appealing. Coming up with a good name can be challenging since there are approximately 150 million active domain names online right now however it is worth the struggle. There’s one rule that constantly applies to domain names:

If you like it, then use it.

You can also think of it in this way. If you put yourself in your visitor’s shoes, what do you usually type into Google when you want to find information about a particular subject?

The words you type in are called keywords.

The more relative the domain name is, based on your keywords, the more chances are that it will be found on the top of the search results.

Here is an example

Google Search Engine Result

So make a list of domain names that you think will be popular among the searches for your chosen interest or business. This way if one is unavailable, you have other options to choose from.

Here is an example of a domain that is unavailable.

Unavailable Domain Name

Now if you already have a list of domain names, you can purchase them from a Domain Registrar.