7. How do I add the pages, posts and widgets along with media files to my website?

And how do I arrange them?

On the left-hand side menu again, look for Pages, click add new at the top of the page.

You will then see this page:


WordPress Dashboard – Adding New Page

Just add your title on the top bar, then the contents on the bigger box. If you know how to edit Microsoft word, this will be a cinch for you. Just don’t forget to click Publish when you are done.

And there you go!
You have your first page now!

Just remember that pages are different from posts. Pages should be the main pages of your site; posts are the articles or news that you add regularly for your blog if you decide to have one.

On adding a post, it is like adding a page, the only difference is you add it under “Posts” tab you will see at the left hand side of your window.

It also needs a format and category.

But for now, just leave the standard and the category; you can add them later under the Posts Tab.

In adding widgets, just look for it under the “Appearance” tab just above the plug ins tab.

A widget is a self-contained area of a WordPress webpage (typically within either the sidebar or the footer) that performs a specific function, such as displaying a calendar or a list of recent posts.

The WordPress community has created thousands of new WordPress widgets, many of which can be added via plug ins.

Here you can add the content of these widgets on the tab you opened.

This is how it looks like.

Just click the arrow beside the content you want to edit. You can add them just by dragging the box onto the section you want.

Remove them by clicking the “delete” or if you think you might still need it in the future, just drag it under the Inactive Widgets found at the bottom of the page and it will be automatically removed from your site.

Content Bottom 1 and 2 can be left for now, but if you want to add contents to it just drag the available widgets onto the box they belong to.

Here’s screenshot of where the widget placed on the front end of your website.


Adding media files is also easy, look for the Media tab


WordPress Dashboard – Adding New Media File

On your desktop, look for the file you want to upload. Drag it from your desktop and drop it on the box on your WordPress page.

See image below:

Once you drop it. It will be saved into your site and you will be able to use it for your pages and/or posts. To use it on your page or post, just add your post like we learnt moment ago.

On your article, place the cursor to where you want to insert the image, click the add media button, and you will see the image you just drop/saved.

(See image below)

If you want to use another image, or video or a file, just look for the “Upload Files” tab just right next to the Media Library tab at the top, click it and drag and drop your file on the box.


If you want to align the image, left, right or center, just click it and you will see a bubble which lets you pick your desired alignment.


WordPress Dashboard – Aligning Image file


Click Publish and your posts are now live!