5. How can I manage my website?

Once logged in, you will see the WordPress Dashboard.

This is how it looks:

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

As you can see, WordPress will help you setup your new site. Choose what type of site you are creating, whether it’s for Business or Personal application. In the following steps, you will be asked for few details about your site. They are very easy and simple to follow. If you don’t have the information yet you can skip them and edit them later.

If you were asked “what should visitors see on your homepage” just choose the “Most recent news or updates” for now. You can change it later once you already have your pages. You will also be asked to connect you site to WordPress.com, leave it for now, you can set it up later too.

Click “Customize your site”.

WordPress – Customize Your Site

WordPress – Customize Your Site

You will then see a page where you can customize the front end of your website, your site identity, colors, header image, etc.

(This is for customizing the default installed theme of WordPress, if you want a better one which offers a wide range of options; there are plenty of theme’s available on the web.

Just let us know if you need some help in finding the best one there and we can help you customize it too.)

On the “site identity”, you need to upload your logo, site title and tagline.

WordPress – Customize Your Site – Site Identity

WordPress – Customize Your Site – Site Identity

If you don’t have your logo yet, just leave it for now. However a logo is important to your site; it will be your very own brand name and/or copyright.

The header image is different from the logo. The header image is larger, and it will be the front of your site and is there to catch the attention of your visitors. (We create logos, headers and other graphic designs)


WordPress – Customize Your Site – Header Image

Once you’re done, just click Save and Publish.

We are almost there! 🙂