About Us

I was born in 1959 and lived in the outer eastern suburb of Melbourne Victoria the southern state of Australia. I grew up in natural bushland, it was an idyllic environment with very little to distract you.

It was the days before colored TV as we watched Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon through ghostly black and white images.

I remember the day when the calculator was introduced to our classroom, we all thought this was an amazing piece of technology and where would it all end.

These were days when there were no mobile phones, iPad, and desktop computers. Communication was made using the home telephone or the public phone that could be found on most corners of any major roads.

We were the generation that survived by living life very simply. There was certain innocence and perhaps naivety compared today’s fast pace existence.

It was fun and we all enjoyed the same ideals. We didn’t have very much but we didn’t need it. A bicycle, bat and ball and we were happy.

Nowadays that beautiful bushland environment has disappeared; the urban sprawled as spread and no where can you find a public telephone.

The baby boomers are living in a technological age which we can embrace wholeheartedly with the knowledge that the modern devices available today are designed for most technologically challenged.

With this in mind l wanted to create a practical guide for the people of my generation to build a website. This guide will give the reader a step by step course of action on how to build a WordPress website.

It might be for the local community group, sporting club any organisation where we gather. Or it could be for a more personal reason of building a website to collect family memorabilia.

In my case I started to learn how to build websites 7 years ago. The aim was to help with adding extra income and establishing a home based business that l can pass onto my children.

Whatever the reason here is a practical guide to building a WordPress website and l sincerely hope you enjoy it.

To your success,

Warren Breakwell


I have also included a bonus guide on the ergonomics for the home computer operator. Cracking the Office at Home Ergonomics Code

It gives you practical and useful advice to reduce the risks of soft tissue injuries, eye strain, headaches and fatigue.

Hi! My name is Arianne;

I have been a webmaster for 7 years now.

I work with website development and management, especially using and designing with WordPress for my company W B. Consultancy

I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the AMA Computer University and I am a Computer Programming Instructor.

I am experienced in:

  • Creating websites from the very beginning to end.
  • Selecting the right hosting company for installing WordPress.
  • Designing and creation of logos, design platforms and graphics; as well as installing and implementing website themes.
  • I develop the layout; adding contents for pages, posts and media.
  • And I manage the entire site.

Here are a few examples of the work we do.


Recently, my auntie, who is 62 years old, called me to help her create a website for a church group she goes to.

It’s like a notice board, where she can add special interest comments and information for the people of her group. They too can guest post on the site as well.

I gave her the guide that I considered would be easy for her to follow. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand any of it.

She complained that it was extremely technical and difficult to follow. So, together we searched for other guides that would be more appropriate.

But as we found out most of the guides were difficult to follow and lacked critical information.

So in the end I decided that I would teach her myself.

After going through the whole process with Marilyn, I realized that perhaps I ought to create a guide myself.

A simple set of guidelines that would be easy to understand and follow, that incorporates clear images and would help just about anyone who is unfamiliar with computer script or language.

So I went to work!

I created a guide which follows the most common and frequently asked questions on building a website.

I did that purposely so that those who are new to WordPress have an opportunity to create something remarkable.


It is a common sense guide that takes you on a journey from the very start of WordPress to the creation of a wonderful website by the end.

I truly hope you enjoy it.

Please email me any questions you may have or if you strike any further difficulties along the way.

To your success


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